Z Soft Solution™ - Expresinar

Event Information

Imagine a platform where you can come and meet different types of companies and business masterminds under one roof. You can make business, share your stories and experiences with them, learn from them…..all while enjoying a grand five star experience in one of the biggest business destinations in the world! This is exactly what we are offering this November, a grand platform for business along with grand hospitality of the Grand Hyatt, hotel in Singapore.

Z Soft Solution is proudly arranging an Expo and Seminar event in November 2019, which we like to name an Expresinar! Here, businesses can come in and show their skills for making businesses with multiple Global C Levels and Companies. Businesses from all around the globe will get a chance to showcase their products, services and qualities in one grand platform. Also, an expo seminar will be continued parallelly. We have invited several bold, successful and inspirational business insiders as speakers, who will be open for questionnaires. They will share their strong business insights and success stories to motivate the promising next generation business heads. Our target is to bring different types of business models together on a single platform and help one another on their path to grow bigger and stronger. Companies like IT, Software, Car Modifiers, Multinational, Legal, Finance, Corporate Services, Consultancy, Banks, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data industries, Small to medium sized companies like Online Marketing will get the opportunity to take booths, connect and make business. Opportunities will be everywhere during this event, along with good food and quality refreshments! What we are offering is a complete solution for both B2B and B2C platforms within a 3 days event!

3 days, 1300 people, One grand Expresinar! Join us in one of the biggest events of this year and share your knowledge and experiences with us. We value your idea. So, let us all join hands and make this event a success!